Business Proposal Writing Made Easy

For the majority of service-base companies such as web site developers, building contractors, computer programmers and advertisers, a large part in obtaining clients comes down to being able to write an effective business proposal.

You do not want to just explain your service, but you are also making a presentation of your business to potential clients – do not miss this opportunity to make an outstanding impression that can win you jobs. The goal is to have clear and concise writing and look professional at the same time.

To clearly communicate your ideas without leaving out important information, it is a good idea for your business proposal to contain the following information in an organized and easy-to-understand format.

Credit Squeeze Keeps Factoring Firms Busy

A small business owner who is trying to grow his/her business during a booming economy will hit some speed bumps when applying for traditional financing if he/she cannot show an extensive profitable operating history. Throw in the current economic climate, and the chance of an entrepreneur obtaining a conventional bank loan is slim to none.

When loans are no longer an option, business owners have to find a short-term funding option to keep them from dipping into their personal savings accounts or having to rely on friends and family for operating cash. Over the past decade, the main fallback has been small business credit cards. During better times, credit card companies actively pursued the small business market. Entrepreneurs were enticed with low introductory interest rates and high credit limits. In addition, banks started offering small credit lines to entrepreneurs who didn’t meet conventional loan requirements, and vendors started relying on the efficiency of credit card payments. Needless to say, the small business credit card caught on like rapid fire. Today, nearly 60% of the nation’s small businesses rely on credit cards to help fund their daily operations, according to the National Small Business Association.

Yet as the economy worsens, entrepreneurs are seeing their interest rates going up and their credit limits going down. With credit card delinquency as high as 12 percent among small business owners, bankers and credit card companies say the only way to decrease the risk in their portfolios is to make some changes with their small business accounts. As a result, nearly three-quarters of small businesses have seen a large cut in their credit limits over the last six months. Now that access to both bank loans and credit cards is hard to come by, where can the nation’s 27 million small business owners turn for funding?

Lucrative Businesses For Mommies

Starting a home-based business is not really as hard as it may seem. In fact, businesses for mommies are now very abundant. If you are a full-time mother and you want to bring in extra income to your household, it is just about time to start a new venture. You actually have plenty of options. Businesses for mommies can range from simple to lavish. Plus, think of the great benefits you will have. Not only will you be able to earn additional money for your daily expenses, but you will also have more time to spend with your loved ones. You will be able to look after your children while you work. Businesses for mommies are really fantastic.

A very popular option is Internet marketing. These days, online businesses for mommies are the easiest, simplest, and most lucrative. You may sell products or engage in affiliate marketing. If you choose to sell your own products, you can either have your own website or utilize existing business websites. There are pros and cons with each option. If you sell products from your own website, you will be able to minimize expenses because you will not need to pay for membership fees. On the other hand, if you utilize an existing website, you will have to pay a membership fee or a percentage of your sales. Nonetheless, if you sell your merchandise via online stores, you will have more viewers and more potential customers. You need to apply good techniques if you want to receive traffic for your own website.

You may also join an affiliate program and engage in affiliate marketing. Here, you do not need to have a product of your own, although having your own merchandise is fine. Usually, businesses for mommies like this require for a website or blog site. The online merchant will offer his products or services through your site and you will be the one to promote them. You may do this by writing articles or posting blog entries. The advertisements will appear on a part of your site. Whenever visitors click on them, you earn a percentage of the total amount. In addition, you may also visit forums and promote the products or services there. Businesses for mommies related to Internet marketing rely on page viewers. So, you really need to have a good amount of traffic to your site if you want to have many clients.

How To Choose A Business Credit Card

A business credit card might a be good option if you are a business owner looking to streamline your accounts management. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a business credit card.

Look At The Interest Rate

One of the most important issues is the annual percentage rate (APR). This is the interest that lenders charged on any outstanding debt. The APR varies considerably between lenders, so it is worth shopping around for one that you find acceptable. You should also pay attention to the interest rate for cash withdrawals. As with personal credit cards, the APR on cash withdrawals can be very high. This is worth considering if you intend to use your business credit card to withdraw cash.

Boost Your Business With Effective Financial Management

Working Capital, to put it briefly, refers to a business organization’s total current assets (short-term ones), marketable securities, accounts receivables, inventory, and cash. Management of the financial segment is a great responsibility that demands equal attention on investments as well as sources of income (both long term and short term). In fact, a business firm can never enhance its value if it fails to survive initial hiccups in the short run. Hence, efficient management of finances is essential for any business to survive.

Strategies to finance short-term working capital needs much greater attention than are usually practiced. Precisely speaking, there are two short-term working capital financing options; business cash advance programs and short-term commercial mortgage loan programs that have been often overlooked. But these two working capital funding options are excellent for small and new business ventures to ward initial financial obstructions off their way. Business cash advance is one of the best financing options for businesses accepting credit cards as mode of payment. Speaking of benefits, business cash advance offers great help even to prospering businesses. For instance, even thriving businesses need working capital that might not be borrowed from a bank. Under these circumstances, business cash advance or merchant cash advance programs come to the rescue. Retail chains, bars, and restaurants, service businesses are highly benefited from these finance programs.

Receivable factoring or “credit card factoring” is another unique working capital management strategy, whereby the businesses sell their future receivables at a discount. However, it is not possible for all small businesses to document their receivables in order to qualify for this financing option. The documented sales volume and credit card sales activity of these small businesses serve as financial asset to attain a business cash advance or a merchant cash advance.

Basic Information Regarding Business Financing

It is extremely difficult to find business finance for the new business that you want to establish. The expenses for the new business can be covered by having business financing. There are many options wherein you can select the best business financing for you. You can also on other sources aside from applying for loans. Here are the details of each option that you can choose.

The secured and unsecured business loans

Having a loan is one the traditional methods for your business financing. This tends to tell that establishing a new business requires lots of money. Small and big business also applies for loan base on their choice from different options.

Increasing The Bottom Line With Your Options

You are the proud owner of a web site that is experiencing some success, yet you still haven’t achieved the golden chest of web site revenue. Consider increasing your revenue stream by trying a creative approach. With a modest investment this steam of revenue does not require the use of new software, website tools, or a blasting search engine service.

They fuel your future profits by being placed in your option trading account. Perhaps you think you know your stock trading activities from your options. Here we do not use the stock market for your options. We use the futures contracts of the vast commodities markets of this country instead of stock options.

You can best think of options trading as a side business working in conjunction with your online business. Using this options account enables you place trades with several markets such as corn, pork bellies, soybeans, gold or the S & P 500 index.

Steps to a Small Business Loan

Getting a small business loan is relatively straightforward. Like any other loan- car, home, etc., it comes down ability to repay, ability to collateralize, and creditworthiness. Unfortunately, for business owners showing ability to repay it is not easy as showing current check stubs. Nor is collateralizing as easy as a car or home loan which self-collateralizes. But just as there is mechanisms in place to make car and homes loans, there is a system for business loans.

The first order of business is to make sure the home front is in place. That is the personal credit of the principal owners of the business is good. Then the credit of the business needs to be in good standing also. Many times credit applications for businesses want up to ten credit references. The next thing is to make sure the financials are looking good. The balance sheet, the profit and loss statement, and the cash flow statement should all be in order.

The financials lead to the next step and that is developing a business plan. A business plan lays out for lenders how a business intends to use the funds it receives and how it plans to increase sales to repay the money. Though there is a narrative section, what is most important is the projected financials. That means that a business should present two forms of financials. A lender will receive from a business past performance financials and projected financials based upon the capital it receives.