Business Proposal Writing Made Easy

For the majority of service-base companies such as web site developers, building contractors, computer programmers and advertisers, a large part in obtaining clients comes down to being able to write an effective business proposal.

You do not want to just explain your service, but you are also making a presentation of your business to potential clients – do not miss this opportunity to make an outstanding impression that can win you jobs. The goal is to have clear and concise writing and look professional at the same time.

To clearly communicate your ideas without leaving out important information, it is a good idea for your business proposal to contain the following information in an organized and easy-to-understand format.

Who: Who will be doing the work? Include all parties involved, plus contact information for prospects.

What: What is the work that will be done? Explain details without being too wordy and do not forget any equipment or supplies that may be needed. It is equally important to break down the project cost and what end results should be expected.

Where: Where will the work will be completed? Is there delivery or pick-up information that need to be included.

When: When will the work will commence? How long will it take and when is payment due?

Why: Why are you the best professional for the job? What do you offer that your competitors do not? Cover this in your proposal so that prospects will not have to wonder and guess.

After answering the above questions, organize the information into a brief executive summary of the work project. This way, the potential clients can get a good idea of what your proposal is all about simply by reading the first paragraph. Being organized and making it easy for your customers right from the get-go lets them know what it will be like potentially working with you.

So that business proposals are easier to comprehend, some companies develop a basic “to do” list for the project at hand. They may also lay out a visual timeline for the job or a budget breakdown in a pie chart so that customers can easily view it.

Depending on the project and the prospective clients, you may also want to provide multiple payment or material options. People like to have choices, and letting them be part of the decision-making process shows them that you care about their needs.

Since proposals play a large role in winning jobs and bringing in income, finding out how to write an effective business proposal is time and money well spent. That said, it is understandable that many business owners do not have the time or even want to learn how to write proposals. They have important projects to spend their time on.

Fortunately, there are options. Business owners can hire proposal writers to do the job, but what I really like are the software programs and business proposal templates that make the job much easier, and of course take less time. The hours and effort you save writing business proposals can be put toward the work you excel at, and enjoy more.