Can Healthy Food Taste Delicious?

We are in a health crisis caused by what we eat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seven of every ten deaths in America are due to chronic conditions caused by or aggravated by their poor eating habits and physical inactivity. We know we should eat better, but healthy foods usually do not taste as good as unhealthy foods.

Why It’s So Hard to Eat Well

People have a hard time trying to eat healthy. This is because humans are working against their evolutionary drives. For thousands of generations food was hard to get. You had to grow it, find it or hunt it. This is why we all have such cravings for high-calorie foods like sweets, meats and fried foods. Our bodies are telling us to pack on fat reserves before the next famine hits. Modern shops have not been around long enough for evolution to change our bodies.

Taste Trumps Intelligence

Some food companies realize that people’s taste buds tend to rule their brains. Instead of making people feel guilty about what they eat, why not make what they eat healthier? One company looking to do this is California start-up Hampton Creek. They make vegan versions of many common pantry items like mayo, salad dressing and cookies. They also make their foods with less sugar but without sacrificing taste.

Reducing Those Unpronounceable Ingredients

Highly processed foods loaded with artificial ingredients may last on the shelf for a long time and taste good, but are loaded with fat, calories and sugar. Many food companies are reducing artificial ingredients to help make Food healthier for Consumers. For example, Nestle USA announced that they were no longer going to have artificial ingredients in their chocolate candies by 2016. Kraft foods removed artificial ingredients from their boxed macaroni and cheese dinners in 2015. Even Pizza Hut has reduced sodium in all pizza products.

In Conclusion

Although it is still the individual’s responsibility to exercise and eat right, many food companies are making it easier to eat healthy by making healthier versions of their beloved products and making sure that healthier versions taste just as good as the unhealthy versions. When it comes to eating healthy, every little bit helps.