Media Favorite Hampton Creek Draws Still More Attention With Recent Deals

Vegan food specialist Hampton Creek has been in the news almost since the company launched its first product, and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon. Both a darling of the media and a business that commands intense devotion from its fans, Hampton Creek is also led by a charismatic, media-savvy founder. The Hampton Creek Business Model on its own lends itself to some pretty engaging stories in the media, too, which means that the company will likely be the source of plenty of interesting updates to come.

For instance, recent talk has centered around Hampton Creek’s impressive ascent from the condiment aisle to some of the loftiest reaches of the retail and food service worlds. While the company’s Just Mayo spread was enough in its egg-free glory to arouse plenty of attention, things have become even more heated since. With a successful line of equally vegan salad dressings, snacks, and even cookie dough having followed, Hampton Creek was sure to draw plenty of notice on the merits of its product line alone.

The developments that have occurred in the company’s boardroom at the same time have proved to be just as interesting, though. The first pair of these included new agreements with Target and Walmart, the two presiding giants of the retail world. With thousands of new retail presences opening to the company’s products virtually overnight, Hampton Creek’s already steep growth trajectory took another sharp turn toward the vertical.

More recently, a new deal with one of the world’s largest food service companies proved to be just as momentous. Businesses in that industry are notorious for their conservatism and their slow-moving approach to change, with few being willing to even entertain working with newcomers. Hampton Creek’s presence and past is such that the company was able to open doors that would have been closed to most, though, a victory that saw its products toppling some longtime favorites in the process.

Whether that pace of development can be maintained for long is an open question, but even a continuation of the company’s present course would be impressive. What can no longer be doubted is that Hampton Creek will remain a rewarding focus for those who enjoy keeping up with the news.